President's Thoughts

Well folks, Brenda has been putting the pressure on for me to say a few words in these difficult times, but my writing or computer work is a bit like my domestic house-work duties, it only gets done on a wet day!

After nine or ten weeks uninterrupted time in the garden, I am still not up to date, what this says about my organisational skills or work rate does not bare mentioning, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my “lock down” and have been perfectly content pottering about, and of course the weather has made all the difference.

I enclose a few garden photographs, in early March my “Hacquetia epipactus” produces these beautiful lime green bracts, a sure indication that Spring has sprung. This particular plant was given to me from Erica Blackadder probably about twenty odd years ago, a long-lasting gift! (Photo 1). At this time of year, I usually take offsets from my Sempervivums (house leeks), they root easily, and in the following Spring I use the larger plants to landscape a few containers which help to decorate my “Auricula House”. (Photo 2)

Regarding our future events, I have taken the view that we leave things until the last minute before making decisions, but the garden visit in June is definitely cancelled. I feel the barbeque in July is a non-starter (finding a venue would be the difficulty). I think we can still have a garden competition, one or two committee members can tour the gardens and draw up a short list and we can organise a judge as usual.

The committee’s views on the Annual Flower Show was almost one hundred percent for cancellation, and even allowing for a very kind offer from William Callander to use Prestonhall walled garden as a venue, unfortunately the majority still feel that we must cancel the Annual Show. Sad times, but we must abide with current guidelines and respect all the safety of all our members.

Sadly, I recently heard that Lyndsey Morrison one of our very popular speakers has been taken into hospital with a brain tumour, we wish her well, and a speedy recovery.

Enjoy your gardening, and take care!