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After the wettest February on record across the UK we move into Spring officially now we are into March. Most of us are now weary of the gloomy wet and windy winter and are looking forward to longer, warmer & most importantly drier days ahead.


If you grow potatoes now is the time to buy your seed potatoes so they can be 'chitted' ahead of planting out in April. This simply means setting them out (old egg boxes are ideal for this) in a bright position under cover, maybe in the greenhouse or porch, which encourages them to form shoots.


Seeds can now be sown under cover, ideally on heated propagators to aid germination. Once the seeds have germinated and the little seedlings show their first 'true' leaves they can be gently pricked out into individual small pots to grow on until they are large enough to be planted out. They should not be planted outside until the risk of frost has passed, which is usually well into May around this area.


If you only feed your lawn once in the year May is a good time to do it. Spring lawn feed contains a higher level of nitrogen. Don't do this too early as the soft new growth would be damaged by frost.


Spring is a great time to divide herbaceous perennials and also pond plants that have become congested or have outgrown their position.




Spring is a very busy time in the garden but take time to walk around and observe your garden so that you can see what is working well and plan what changes you might like to make.

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