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After what seemed like an endless winter, for many reasons including the weather, followed by the driest April for years and a very cold May we are about to start horticultural/meteorological Summer! Time to get busy before the garden runs away from us.


Weeds are a good indicator that the soil is warming up so keep on top of them. If you are short of time it's worth a short session removing their flowers before they can set seed. You can then do a more thorough job when you have more time.


Potatoes should be in the ground by now and perhaps showing through. This is the time to cover that new growth with compost if you grow in raised beds or containers or 'earth up' the soil around them if you grow in trenches.


Many flower and vegetable seeds can now be sown direct into the ground, where they are to grow. Check the seed packets for spacing details. The risk of frost should be passed, but given how unseasonably cool it has been, watch the weather forecasts and keep some fleece and cloches handy to protect them if required.


As the flowers of primulas fade there is an opportunity to split them.  Dig up the main clump and gently ease the plants apart ensuring each new clump has some roots then re-plant wherever you want some more or pot them up to share with friends.

Dead-head Spring bulbs like Daffodils and Tulips as the flowers fade and give them a feed with high-potash tomato feed, comfrey tea or general purpose organic feed sprinkled around them.



Spring has been slow to get going but at last there are signs of new growth all across the garden so let's hope Summer moves ahead with some warmer days to enjoy our gardens.




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