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It's been a rather cool and very wet year so far and only recently have we had a few really warm sunny days that felt like Summer. However, the garden doesn’t seem to worry and grows on regardless so here's a little reminder of some jobs to get busy with. 



Now is the time to prune deciduous flowering shrubs, especially those that flowered early in the year like Viburnum bodantense to keep them the size you want and improve flowering for next year. Philadelphus should also be pruned in summer once the flowers have faded.


This is a good time take softwood cuttings from shrubs to make more plants either for your own garden or to pass on to friends.


Keep sowing salad leaves at regular intervals to give continuous supplies.


Harvest herbs when they are at their best to either dry or freeze for use throughout the year.


Thin out fruit now forming on bushes and trees to improve the quality of fruits and stop branches from breaking.


Keep dead-heading roses, perennials and annuals as their flowers fade to improve the display.




Summer is a great time to visit other gardens for inspiration. Check out Scotland’s Garden Scheme Yellow Book or their website for details of gardens open in your area. Hopefully we will get some warm sunny days to take time to enjoy some garden visits and also our own gardens. 


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