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It's been a rather cool and dry Spring but the recent arrival of warm sunny days tells us it really is Summer now so here's a little reminder of some jobs to be attended to. 


Any pots, containers and hanging baskets will need regular watering, feeding and dead-heading to keep the displays looking good.  If you've not managed to plant up summer pots yet, remember the garden centres often sell off bedding plants at this time for an instant splash of colour at bargain prices. It's also worth considering using perennials for summer displays in pots and hanging baskets.


If the weather remains dry raise the cutting height of the lawnmower blades and mow less often. Lawns recover well once they get a summer downpour so don't panic if the grass looks a bit brown as it will soon return to green.


This is a good time to split big clumps of bearded Iris and replant the fresher sections around the edge of the clumps. Re-plant so that the tubers are just showing above the soil level and you should get a good show next year.


Salad leaves, Radishes, Peas and French Beans can be sown direct at regular intervals to give continuous supplies and there is still time to sow Beetroots and Carrots too.


Cabbages, cauliflowers, kale and brocolli can be sown now so they get established to provide harvests for the winter months. They will need to be kept well watered in dry conditions and protected from Cabbage White butterflies and hungry pigeons with netting.



Summer will hopefully continue to give us all some lovely days to visit other gardens for inspiration and also to take time to enjoy our own gardens.

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