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The winter was much milder than last year and especially notable was the driest, mildest January I can ever remember. However, we are now officially in Spring and the garden is definitely re-awakening.


Herbaceous perennials can be cut back now to remove dead foliage and spent flower heads, to make way for this year's new growth.


Many flower and vegetable seeds can be sown now, especially if you have a cold frame or greenhouse to offer them some protection.


Spring bulbs are providing lovely splashes of colour now, so perhaps this is a good opportunity to see where there are gaps in your displays that could be filled with more for the future.


If you like to have colourful containers and hanging baskets around your garden these can be planted up in April to let them get established before putting them outside in late May once frosts are unlikely. There are a wide variety of plants available at garden centres and to order on-line. A more sustainable option is to have a go and grow your own from seed saving on transportation, plastic use and peat-based compost too.


Spring is always a season that lifts the spirits as the plants re-emerge and the birds start to sing and build their nests. It is good for the soul to see the days stretch and feel the temperatures improve so we can all enjoy our gardens.

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